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Technologies of working mirrors We use almost all available technologies of working float glass and mirrors, which is our core business. 1. We cut the delivered glass and mirror boards - As the raw material we use high quality float glass and glass panels, which meet the highest quality and technology requirements. - Suppliers of the raw material: AGC Glass Group – major supplier (ASAHI GLASS company – Japan) SAINT GOBAIN (France) SANGALLI (Italy) - The raw material is being delivered in tables 3 x 2 m, their width can be from 2 – 19 mm - Within our professional equipment we possess several CUTTING TABLES (Bavelloni, Bottero) - We can cut the material in various shapes (straight, oval) 2. We can sand-blast verious shapes into the mirrors (for lightning etc.) - for example for popular mirrors with lightning - We use machine MHG for sand-blasting 3. Further there is the edge working - grinding or polishing of edges in various profiles: C-profil grinded or polished F-profil grinded or polished - straight and shaped bevelling - performend by the high professional CNC working centers ( Intermac, Bavelloni) 4. drilling, cutouts and hole milling 5. after washing of the products we can - decorate the products by screen printing (seriography) - ornaments can be up to 1 x 2 m big, printed in various colours 6. final assembling of the products - fitting of metal furniture parts with the UV glue etc. - fitting of frames 7. packing, wracking up of the products: - Serial production: with paper insertion or with cork insertion In Cardboard - We use plastic preserving films on products, which are being warped by heating (the unframed glass products are adjusted by “plastic corners” before wraping - Individual production: bubble wrap, cardboard or wooden frame Technologies of working mirrors

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